Frequently Asked Questions
Working with us
What specific services does Asia Concierge provide?
Where is your head office and country offices?
Who are the owners of Asia Concierge?
What insurance liability does Asia Concierge have?
Which markets does Asia Concierge specialise in and do you have sales offices in those areas?
What experience does your management team and staff have in order to service my customer?
Product Information
Is all your travel product featured on this web site?
If I am looking for a specific product or program how can I find it?
Can your travel programs be tailored made to suit my client’s specific needs?
Why can I not see any pricing on the programs and excursions in your Travel Portfolio?
What is Asia Concierge TV?
Can I download and use the images throughout your web site? Are they all Royalty Free?
Is your promotional ‘Be Inspired’ video content view only?
Account & Billing
Does Asia Concierge provide credit terms for their customers? And if so, what are they?
What are your payment terms and conditions per booking?
Can I receive one invoice for a multi country booking?
Where is your banking based? Is payment centralised or paid direct to each country?
Do you have payment facilities for credit cards? And which cards do you accept?
As a client do we need to enter a contract agreement prior to working together?